While you might think bamboo blinds are a relatively new addition to the home and office accessories market you would be wrong. Japan and Asia have been using bamboo blinds for many centuries. Now their popularity has caught on and they have become steadily popular in the western world as well.

The advantage of bamboo blinds is that they give a more natural feel and look to your home and office. It are readily available, and environmentally friendly. Bamboo blinds are a practical as well as attractive solution for window coverings.

The blinds themselves come in a variety of styles and colors and are made with natural materials, such as bamboo, various reeds and grasses. The fibrous centre of the bamboo is used for making the blinds, which again doesn’t impact on nature.

They have a lot of advantages over traditional blinds in that they are beautiful to look at, have a lot of flexibility in design, are extremely durable, blend with most decors, high quality for low cost and simple to install and are extremely durable and strong.

A lot of people today use bamboo blinds for artistic effect and the end results of some designs can be quite eye catching, particularly with hidden light effects behind them, when you will notice a subtle glow. You are not restricted to the styles on display in your local store, many merchants offer a customized service to meet your requirements.

Bamboo blinds are a popular choice for offices, hotels, and private homes, which just demonstrates their versatility.